Molecular Model Kit, Chemistry Demo Videos, and the Birds of Anna Maria Island

“The time has come,” the Chemist said,
“To talk of many things:
Of flasks — and tubes — and chem-demos —
Of molecules — and rings —
And why the sea is full of life —
And why a birdie sings.”*

The title of our website may seem as strange as the conversation between the Walrus and the Carpenter, but there is a simple explanation. We have three stories to tell, and we’re too cheap to pay for three websites. We’ve tried to structure the site to keep the three topic components separate, yet easily accessible: CheMagic Virtual Molecular Model Kit, CheMagic Video Chemical Demonstrations, and AMIbirds Birds of Anna Maria Island Florida. The home page for each component is a component blog. The web pages associated with each blog are accessible from the blog’s side bar and from the blog’s posts. It is our hope that building these services into blog structures will encourage feedback from the chemical education community.

This site is maintained by the three retired chemistry professors who established the CheMagic website in 2001. The site was originally designed to support chemistry courses at Illinois State University and the University of Southern Maine. It was also designed to be a free educational service to the chemical education community.  As to the birdies, one of us returned to Anna Maria Island, Florida after retirement and became a bird photographer/philosopher.

The title link in the site header will return to this site home page. The three links on the right-hand side of the home page header (drop-down on mobile devices)  point to pages that clearly display the prime focus of each site component. The front page post (1st post) of each component blog gives a brief explanation of the component topic.

Click a link or an image to select a site component:

Virtual Model Kit | CheMagic Demo Videos | Birds of Anna Maria Island


*Apologies to Lewis Carroll