For the past month my son-in-law has been undergoing treatment for colorectal cancer. The procedure involves an 8 week regimen of chemo and radiation therapy prior to surgery. Capecitabine, a prodrug of 5-fluorouracil

(5-FU), is the chemotherapeutic agent of choice in this case. … Read more

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Anhinga 1

My alphabetical bird photo series now turns to the Anhinga. This photo was taken in the Ungarelli Preserve on Palma Sola Blvd. This is a female Anhinga, and the photo illustrates why this bird is called the Snake Bird. The Anhinga does not have preen glands, and the lack of … Read more

American White Pelican 2

This photo was taken in our subdivision’s canal network. This was one of several White Pelicans that were moving (herding) fish toward a nearby seawall. Unlike our Brown Pelicans, these Pelicans do not dive for fish. They simply feed while swimming, often corralling fish as they swim. With one exception … Read more

American White Pelican 1

Continuing with my alphabetical birds posts, the American White Pelicans are back. During the winter season a colony of these birds ends their day at this sandbar near the Mount Vernon subdivision park near my home. The photographer was standing on the lower limb of a park tree (moi?) to … Read more

American White Ibis 5

This “Surfin’ Bird” photo was taken on Anna Maria Island beach in the vicinity of 49th Street. These birds are very social. They are usually seen foraging in groups. This bird was foraging with four others. Anyone old enough to remember the song “Surfin’ Bird” recorded by the Trashmen circa … Read more

American White Ibis 4

This soon to be adult juvenile American White Ibis was photographed lakeside at the Paradise Bay subdivision near our home. It made me think about my own cycle of childhood. With each passing day, I grow older, but I also grow more childish – dress habits, carefree attitude, play (disguised … Read more

American White Ibis 3

This juvenile American White Ibis photo was taken at the lakeside park in the Paradise Bay subdivision near our home. As I’ve said before, there’s more to studying birds than just studying birds. In this case, I was looking at the photo’s meta data, and the exposure time got me … Read more

American White Ibis 2

This photo was taken from my kayak at a small bayside lagoon near our home. Chief Osceola died as a result of chronic malaria in 1838 while he was imprisoned in Fort Moultrie, South Carolina. Collectively, the Seminole Wars were a clash of cultures. Osceola was captured during the second … Read more

American White Ibis 1

I took this photo in a preserve off Palma Sola Drive near our home. Google “sebastian osceola and renegade”, the title of this verse, and you’ll get a feel for what a scamp Sebastian really is. The Google search will also cough up the aforementioned (in verse below) 1989 incident. … Read more

American Oystercatcher 3

I took this photo on Anna Maria Island beach on October 24, 2013. I was new to birding, and I did not realize that there were mechanisms to report photos like this. This bird was just relaxing with some other Oystercatchers –  Next up in alphabetical order – American White Ibis.… Read more

American Oystercatcher 1

This photo was taken on Anna Maria Island beach. These birds are fairly shy, and these two photos were just lucky shots. Although that bill looks like it could be a good defensive tool, I’ve see Gulls bully these birds. As stated in my verse, it’s a specialized hunting/feeding tool!… Read more

American Kestrel 2

This photo was taken in Perico Island Preserve on March 5, 2018. This tiny Falcon is still in winter feeding mode. Perched high atop a long leafed pine tree, it is in resting while hunting mode. Like some shore birds (e.g. Great Egret) it is in stand and wait hunting … Read more

American Kestrel 1

I take all my photos with a small pocket camera. It’s a very good small pocket camera, but it’s not a professional photographer’s camera. This very little guy is sitting on the lightning rod wire of a tall baseball diamond light in a park near our home. To my naked … Read more

American Coot 3

These nests are not elaborate structures. They are basically a bunch of sticks and reeds scraped together. Coots tend to be conspecific brood parasites. This means that the females lay eggs in the nests of other Coots. This is just a wild guess on my part, but I wonder if … Read more

American Coot 2

The Toledo Mud Hens (AKA The Swamp Angels) now play in downtown Toledo. They’re home playing field is Fifth Third Field. The naming rights were purchased by, of course, the Fifth Third Bank. When I was in college, I worked at Two Guys from Harrison department store in Allentown, Pa. … Read more

American Coot 1

Fixed Home Post: Note all posts have bird photographs. In 2012, I developed an interest in photographing the birds found on Anna Maria Island, FL and the connecting waterways to the island. I also started keeping a photo journal written in verse. I maintain this photo journal on … Read more