Chemical Demonstrations Home Post

Please Read Me First: The chemical demonstration outreach presentation “Is It Chemistry or Magic?” traveled the American Chemical Society Speaker’s tour circuit for 15 years. This presentation was founded on four principles – 1 negative and 3 positive”

  • Chemical demonstrations cannot teach chemical principles per se.
  • Chemical demonstrations
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At the end of our videos we have a slide that reads: “CheMagic is Otis Rothenberger, James Webb & Friends”. Our friends are those who attend our presentation. We estimate that in the 20 years of giving “Is It Chemistry or Magic?” presentations, we have had a total audience of … Read more

CheMagic and Household Chemicals (A Challenge)

In this post, we offer a challenge: Suggest a potential household chemistry demonstration and we’ll attempt to turn it into an entertaining video! First, consider an example.

The CheMagic professional outreach presentation “Is It Chemistry or Magic?” has a demonstration repertoire that includes four demonstrations that we call “… Read more