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This blog is really an archive of my birding photo journal. For me, birding is an adventure that involves photographing birds within a 20 mile radius of my home. This range is basically Anna Maria Island, FL and its surrounding waterways. This is my home, and it is the center of this 20 mile radius. For me, birding is walking, biking, and kayaking with a pocket camera. It’s also thinking about the birds that I photograph. These thoughts just seem to come out in verse. Some of the posts in this archive of posts are connected as stories. The search keyword AMIstory will bring up a list of posts that are the first pages of these stories. Within these post stories, each post has a link to the next page of the story.

Our House – Happy Reflections

This is our house on the canal;
We reach the bay from this locale.
A paddle board is Amy’s craft;
Mine is kayak with shallow-draft.
The bay has creatures that we see,
Like dolphins, birds, and manatees.
Our cat lives with us in our home;
He stays inside; he does not roam;
He’s getting older just like me;
But I still roam here by the sea.

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