I Talk to Birds

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This Yellow-crowned Night-heronĀ photo was taken in the bayside park of the Mount Vernon subdivision near my home. When you photograph birds, you just cannot suppress the need to talk to them – mostly things like, “Come on! Please sit still…” These word muttered under your breath lead to deeper thinking about these beautiful creatures. Soon you find yourself talking to them with your mind.

I Talk to Birds

This bird is not afraid of me;
We sat and talked here by this tree.
The tree is in a park nearby;
From here this bird sees bay and sky.
He asked me why I spoke to him;
I told him it was just a whim.
The neighbors greet me with a nod,
But they must think that I’m quite odd.
I talk to birds here all the time;
I even speak to them in rhyme.
I love these birds here by the sea;
In truth they all are just like me.

Yellow-crowned Night-heron – Nyctanassa violacea

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Page for This Bird

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