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molecula: diminutive of Latin moles – “mass” (Modern Latin Definition: molecule)
CheMagic Molecula: A Powerful Virtual Molecular Model Kit Powered by JSmol and JSME

Please read me first! John Dalton opened the door to molecular models in 1803, but the first three dimensional models did not appear until about 1860. Three dimensional models have been an important part of chemistry education and chemistry research ever since. The CheMagic Virtual Molecular Model Kit (Molecula) web application was first introduced in 2005. Thanks to the Jmol Molecular Modeling application and the JME Molecular Editor, Molecula has evolved into a powerful educational tool that can go way beyond the wooden and plastic models of the past.

The CheMagic Molecula blog has three major objectives:

  • Write brief molecule story posts that can be enhanced by making use of molecular models.
  • Provide direct access to a Molecula Action Page related to the post.
  • Provide a website location for an open discussion of Molecula use in the classroom.

Each short molecule story in this blog will be connected to a Molecula Action Page via a link. Molecula is embedded in the Action Page with detailed model kit instructions related to the post story. Quite simply, the Action Pages provide examples of Molecula operations.

This introductory post Action Page involves Molecula’s most basic operations:  load a model, modify the model, and load the new model’s PubChem page.

Go To Molecula Action Page for This Post

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