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Please Read Me First: The chemical demonstration outreach presentation “Is It Chemistry or Magic?” traveled the American Chemical Society Speaker’s tour circuit for 15 years. This presentation was founded on four principles – 1 negative and 3 positive”

  • Chemical demonstrations cannot teach chemical principles per se.
  • Chemical demonstrations can illustrate chemical principles.
  • Chemical demonstrations can motivate students.
  • Chemical demonstrations can advocate for the chemical profession.

This CheMagic blog has three major objectives:

  • Archive as videos the chemical demonstrations used in the CheMagic presentation.
  • Provide a website location for an open discussion of chemical demonstrations.
  • Offer the challenge that CheMagic will attempt to create a demonstration video for suggested household chemical demonstrations.

The fun music videos in this archive show demos that are used in our presentation “Is It Chemistry or Magic?” This presentation was designed for public outreach, and it debuted at the first National Chemistry Day ( at Lehigh University on November 6, 1987.

To get things started we offer the very first CheMagic Chemical Demonstration Video – Fickle Trickle:

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