CheMagic and Household Chemicals (A Challenge)

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In this post, we offer a challenge: Suggest a potential household chemistry demonstration and we’ll attempt to turn it into an entertaining video! First, consider an example.

The CheMagic professional outreach presentation “Is It Chemistry or Magic?” has a demonstration repertoire that includes four demonstrations that we call “Chemistry Planet Earth” demos. These four demonstration illustrate some of our planet’s most fundamental chemistry. The subject of this post is the video “Carbon Dioxide: Chemistry Planet Earth Part 4 (below). We’ve selected this video for this post because it contains only common household chemicals, and we would like to offer this challenge to readers: Suggest a simple demonstration that would only use household chemicals. We’ll consider suggestions and attempt to make a video of good suggestions. You don’t have to offer demo procedures. We’ll work that out and attempt to covert general chemical suggestions into an entertaining video. Check out our example below:

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