Birds of Prey 3

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The Tricolored Heron from the previous post won its prize. It struck with a powerful trust of its bill and ate the Scarlet Skimmer. There was no celebration – no dance in the “end zone.” It simply stood before me in this sad and silent pose. It just stared at me. Here’s Hermines exact quote:

“Animals are sad as a rule,” she went on. “And when a man is sad—I don’t mean because he has a toothache or has lost some money, but because he sees, for once in a way, how it all is with life and everything, and is sad in earnest—he always looks a little like an animal. He looks not only sad, but more right and more beautiful than usual. That’s how it is, and that’s how you looked, Steppenwolf, when I saw you for the first time.” – Hermine in Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf

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Birds of Prey 3
Reflections on Steppenwolf & Hermine

The victor does not celebrate;
On this I must elaborate.
These creatures do what they must do;
They make no fuss or loud ado.
To them there is no right or wrong;
They only know they must be strong.
I read Hermine’s words in my youth,
And now my photos show their truth.

Tricolored Heron – Egretta tricoloro sans Scarlet Skimmer – Crocothemis servilia

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Page for This Bird

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