The Fishing Village of Cortez, FL

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This photo of a Juvenile Little Blue Heron was taken in the fishing village of Cortez, FL. Juvenile Little Blue Herons have white plumage during the their first year. Their white plumage allows them to feed with Snowy Egrets, and this mixed group feeding provides shelter and  a feeding advantage for these juveniles. I call it free day care!

The fishing village of Cortez, FL is just a neat little historic village. The village is on the bay directly across from Anna Maria Island. When you leave the island via the Cortez bridge, the first landmark that you encounter is the Tide Tables Restaurant and Bar in Cortez Village. I’ve been know to patronize that establishment on occasion.

The Fishing Village of Cortez Florida

There’s a small village near my home;
I go there often just to roam.
My mind can wander as I walk,
And this allows the birds to talk;
Sometimes I stop to have a beer,
And meet old friends from far and near.
This village has a posted creed.
It is the only creed I need.
The Creed of Cortez
How many words in the creed
Only eleven

“Work (wurk), a productive use of time that gives life meaning.”
Village of Cortez Creed posted outside the A. P. Bell Fish Company

Juvenile Little Blue Heron (On Cortez Crab Trap) – Egretta caerulea

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Page for This Bird

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