The Long Way Home

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This Bald Eagle photo was taken at the cell tower at 66th Street and Cortez Road in Bradenton. Right across the street from the Anna Maria Oyster Bar. I was walking to this location from 53rd Street, when I saw this bird catch a fish at one of the retention lakes at the sewage treatment plant. It flew away toward Cortez Road with the fish in its claws. Cortez Road was about a mile away. When I got there and saw this adult feeding the chick, all I could think was, “Hey kid, do you know where that fish was living?”

The Long Way Home

When I go for a backpack roam,
I often take the long way home.
This takes me past our sewage plant,
A locale that does not enchant.
Today this bird was fishing there;
It took a fish into the air.
The path it took was on my way,
So I followed this bird with prey.
A distant tower marked its flight;
When I arrived, this was my sight.

Bald Eagle – Haliaeetus leucocephalus

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Page for This Bird

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