A Thoughtful Trance Interrupted

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I photographed the Muscovy Duck chicks behind the bush the female was guarding. As is often the case, very slow movement paid off photographically. Those chicks did not flinch. They just sat there quietly. Dad was not so calm, however. He snuck up behind me and let me know it was time to move on. The verse below begins to reflect my birding attitude: There is much more to studying birds than just studying birds.

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A Thoughtful Trance Interrupted

With a glance I saw them hiding;
Three little chicks stuck there biding.
They did not run; they did not hide;
They simply sat there side by side.
I thought about my life long task
To help my students learn and ask;
I gave to them my view of truth,
And they gave me their precious youth.
These little chicks made me feel glad;
Then out of nowhere came their dad.
“Look here old man, you had your peek;
There must be other birds to seek.”

Juvenile Muscovy Duck – Cairina moschata

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Page for This Bird

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