A Silly Moment

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This is the first page of a two page AMIstory: The Double-crested Cormorant in this photo was sitting on a floating Canada Goose lake decoration. I don’t bird-watch; I bird-walk, bird-bike, and bird-kayak. I always carry a pocket camera, and I also stop to talk to the birds. Sometimes I talk to them with my voice, and sometimes I talk to them with my mind. The birds do talk back to me. Sometimes they speak with their voices (calls and songs), and sometimes they speak to my mind with their actions and facial expressions. Clearly, this bird that I photographed in a small lake at the Mount Vernon subdivision near my home has a smile on his face because it is being silly, and in this pose it’s telling me how much fun it is having. Here is our conversation:

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A Silly Moment

I came upon this bird at ease;
It stops to rest where it doth please.
Its look says, “Hey, I’m so lucky;
I found this neat rubber ducky.”

Absurd blue-eyed bird
An easy photo moment
You actually posed

Double-crested Cormorant – Phalacrocorax auritus

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Page for This Bird

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