Birding Buddies – Golden Orb Weaver

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This female Golden Orb Weaver is busily repairing web damage cause by my face when a walked into her web on the Cortez fishing dock. Floridians also call this spider a Banana Spider. The females are huge and the males are really tiny. Females normally eat the males after mating – so much for, “Hi honey, I’m home.” Look closely at the web silk, and you’ll see why the are called Golden Orb Weavers. They are venomous on the order of our Fire Ants, but obviously the bite wound would be bigger than the wound from a Fire Ant.

Birding Buddies – Golden Orb Weaver

As you might guess from what you see,
This lady is upset with me;
Since half her home is on my face,
She’s busy fixing up her place;
She placed her home on Cortez dock;
I did not see and could not knock.
I told her that I meant no harm;
She just ignored this offered charm.
Now here’s a thought that gives a chill;
While holding her my palm she’d fill.

Golden Orb Weaver – Nephila clavipes

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