Laughing Gulls – Disagreement

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This photo of two Laughing Gulls was taken in my back yard. That’s my seawall that they are standing on. They are bickering. This is a territorial dispute. The dispute involved dancing and head bobbing. By rules that I don’t understand, one lost and the other won. The looser simply lowered its head and walked away. No pecking or other contact – the loser simply walked away. What a wonderful way to fight.

Laughing Gulls – Disagreement

I came upon these birds with hood;
Their song by all is understood.
Ha ha – Ha ha they boldly screech,
But dance to them is also speech.
They’re dancing here to disagree;
One bowed its head and then did flee.
A spat but no damage done
A nice way to fight

Laughing Gull – Leucophaeus atricilla

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Page for This Bird

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